Basic need household items

We provide household items to fire victims, individuals moving out of domestic abuse or homeless shelters, or families reestablishing households due to other crises. All items are donated to CUPS by individuals in the community. This assistance is provided by appointment only.  

Compassion Fund

We assist with unmet needs in the community through our Compassion Fund Assistance. We use funds donated by individuals and Catholic, Protestant, and Non-denominational Churches within the community and from grants received from within the community.

CUPS has assisted individuals with needs such as rental and utility assistance, emergency lodging, medication and medical bills, bus tickets, fans, heaters, gasoline and car repairs, emergency food, and day care expenses. 

Basket Ministry

The CUPS Basket Ministry makes approximately 2000 gift baskets a year. The Baskets volunteers (known as the Basket Elves) provide Christmas and Easter Holiday baskets, as well as birthday baskets and "Especially for you" baskets for individuals experiencing extreme hardships. Items used in the baskets are selected from donations given to CUPS. Some are gently used, some are refurbished, some may be hand-made, some are new.  Requests for baskets are made by case managers, local support organizations and care givers.

The Elves raise funds to pay expenses and to supplement donations by selling Halloween/Harvest baskets and Mardi Gras throws each year. 

Digging for treasure

Digging for Treasure is a faith community that meets at CUPS for Bible Study and Worship on Wednesday evenings.